Seeking Honours Project Candidates at Deakin

Title: Quantifying the land-use change using spatio-temporal analysis

Principal Supervisor: Prof. Brett Bryan

Principal Supervisor contact details:

Associate or External Supervisors and their contact details: Ms. Katrina Szetey <> Dr Enayat A. Moallemi <>

Start date: Semester 1 2020

Project or research area description [max. 200 words]: The Great Otway National Park is located in southwestern Victoria along the western end of the Great Ocean Road. Historically, the forests were heavily logged, but in 2008 logging on public land was prohibited. Despite this, there is evidence that the mountain ash ecosystem is in the process of collapse. Aerial photographs and maps for this region exist going back to the 1940s. This project would involve interrogating GIS data from different time periods and quantifying the forest cover change over time, during the periods of logging and after logging had ceased. This can then be used to create a spatio-temporal model to predict future forest recovery in the region, along with a historical set of data for the forest cover.